Steelhouse is introducing a new channel into the performance marketing world called Connected TV. In the past marketers struggled with performance marketing and television due to an accurate audience targeting capabilities being minimal making advertisers having to cast a pretty broad net. Now with Connected TV performance marketers can start to get around the challenges they face.

Connected TV basically accesses content through different apps streamed over smart TVs, mobile streaming. With so many Americans steering away from cable and investing more into different streaming services performance marketing has a chance to reach a new channel. 

With Connected TV marketers will be able to gather more accurate information like:

  • Intent
  • Geography
  • Income
  • Demographic
  • Age & gender
  • And more

Advertisers will also be able to get ad performance metrics such as: 

  • Site & page visits
  • First-time site visitors
  • Conversions
  • Performance by device
  • And more

With all this data marketers will be able to direct better results in sales and conversions which is huge for performance marketing. Learn more about how ConnectedTV will help performance marketing in television (Click Here).

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